LED Bulb- 7 watt



Led Bulb:

LED lamps are now rapidly replacing conventional incandescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) in domestic and commercial lighting. Understanding the data that is presented with respect to lamp performance and operating life is the key to making informed product choices.

Data on LED lamps is to be found on their packaging, or in data sheets. Some of the information is based on verifiable facts but some marketing claims may not be based on sound engineering principles. A number of major global brands are now competing for a share of the general LED lighting market. Prices are falling as the technology matures, manufacturing process become more refined and the economics of high volume manufacturing and supply chain management come into play. For a given product, prices from these reputable suppliers will be found to be within a range of perhaps ±20%. Products from lesser-known brands, or even those of unbranded LED lamps, may at first appear to be significantly lower. However, to be able to sell at these lower prices, compromises will have been made in the quality of materials and components employed – it is unlikely that significant cost advantages in manufacturing can be realized. The quality of components in the electronic circuits inside LED lamps is critical in determining product life, so you can expect early failures in cheap lamps and a poor return on capital outlay. The reputation of the whole LED lamp industry is dependent upon consumers understanding this argument.

B22 Bulb: If you don’t know about the base type of your bulb, go for B22 LED bulb as it is the most commonly used bulb base type in Bangladesh. This type is also called a pin type bulb holder base or bayonet pin base type. The bulb for this type of a holder has a diameter of 22mm.

E27 Bulb: This type of bulb is also known as standard Edison Screw type bulb. This bulb has a diameter of 27mm.


Power 3W 5W 7W 9W 15W 18W 26W 30W 36W 40W 60W 100W 150W
Lumen 230 370 630 920 1320 1350 1460 1490 1550 1590 1610 1630 1650
Model size Φ50*91 Φ55*103 Φ60*105 Φ60*105 Φ80*145 Φ85*145 Φ89*165 Φ89*165 Φ89*165 Φ90*145 Φ90*145 Φ100*145 Φ100*145
RA 80
Warranty 2years
CCT 2700-6500K
Housing color White, warm
Input voltage AC180-240V/50-60Hz