LED Panel Light- 18 watt

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Led Panel light:

LED panel lights are a type of lighting fixture designed to supersede conventional fluorescent ceiling lights. They are one of best lighting options for indoor settings. The LED technology has been widely utilized for quite some time now, but panel lights that utilize the technology are fairly incipient to the market, and are gaining ground due to the sleek look, and innovative features and design.

 Power 3W 4W 6W 9W 12W 18W 24W 36W
 Lumen 210 280 420 670 710 750 820 900
 RA 80
 Warranty 2years
 CCT 2700-6500K
 Housing color White, Warm
 Input voltage AC100-240V/50-60Hz


  1. Light Quality: The LED guide plate is a type of optical material designed to offer effulgent and homogeneous lighting when connected to a nuisance supply. The guide plate and diffuse collaborate to engender evenly distributed, wide and soft lighting. The technology utilized in the lighting makes instant commences possible. There is no humming, flickering or RF interference.
  2. Material and Color: Aluminum is the best material for the frame, and it is withal utilized for the back cover. The LED’s itself are customarily made from aluminum, arsenic and gallium. Impurities are integrated to engender free electrons and enhance the semiconductor material’s conductivity. These impurities could additionally determine the color of the light, which is why the desired color could be achieved without the utilization of a filter. LED lights can additionally engender white light.
  3. Energy Efficiency: LED lighting uses considerably less energy compared to other lighting contrivances such as incandescent bulbs and even compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). The potency consumption of a LED bulb is estimated to be around 6 watts, which can engender lighting quality kindred to light bulbs that consume at least twice the amount of nuisance.
  4. Life Span: This kind of lighting is kenned for its profoundly long usability span. The average LED bulb could be utilized for up to 60, 000 hours, far more than the estimated lifespan of the 60-watt incandescent bulb which is only 1, 500 hours, and that of CFLs, which are between 6, 000 and 15, 000 hours. They are withal less liable to burn out; in fact, their life span is calculated not by quantifying the true number of hours that the lights perpetuate to function, but by quantifying the number of hours that they perpetuate to function within the copacetic luminescence range. When the luminescence rating is down by 30% that is the time that the bulbs need to be superseded.
  5. Design: LED panel lights are constructed in such a way that sanctions for better illumination conditions. This kind of lighting makes utilization of the latest in LED (light emitting diode) technology. LED panel lights typically feature a lightweight aluminum frame which houses three layers. The frame is one of the more consequential led panel light components as it is designed to obviate light leakage. The layers inside include LED chips, a light guide plate and a diffuse. The diffuse is customarily located right at the front of the light guide plate; its function is to distribute light evenly across the surface. There is withal a reflector plate right at the back of the LED guide plate. Another vital part is the solid backing, which withal has an effect on the lighting fixture’s over.