Solar Power System in Bangladesh

Solar Power system is a very powerful source of renewable energy. A solar power system is built with multiple photovoltaic panels. These photovoltaic panels transform light into energy and save energy on a power storage device such as a battery.
Generally, the solar power system is taking place on the rooftop. So it can produce power from sunlight. A solar panel producing clean and green power and save huge energy production cost.

To set up a solar power plant you must need a solar panel, battery, power inverter. All these are very important for every solar power system. We Global Star Electronics provides a complete solar system solution that is sustainable and long-lasting. The solar power system is a backup plan for your power system when your main power grid line failure.

Types of Solar power System

Details of our power system.


# Service Advantage Costing
1 Monocrystalline High efficiency/performance Higher costs
2 Polycrystalline Less efficiency/performance Low cost
3 Thin-film Portable and flexible Medium Cost

Need Solar Power System

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